Last week we explored how Salesforce acquired Coolan, Gravity Tank, Sequence and Demandware to move towards a fulfilling,  seamless customer journey. It is a Salesforce strategy to boost its capabilities by adding new feathers to an already magnificent headdress. Salesforce, a customer centric product, that helps organizations cater to specific needs of the customers, has made a radical move in customer-centric acquisitions. Salesforce known for its unique and collaborative nature is integrating different platforms that complement their own.

Currently, the organization is not planning to re-architect any of the companies they have acquired. Acquisitions will however change the salesforce ecosystem, tremendously improving the value they deliver to their customers, us.

In this space, we will discuss the acquisition of Quip and Steelbrick in detail, and how they have impacted Salesforce & the relative customer journey in a profound way.


Salesforce & Steelbrick


CPQ- Configure, Price & Quote- a process very important for quicker quote to cash and easy invoice generation. For a long time, word documents and spreadsheets were used to produce the quotes and manage the pricing. Only large businesses have ever used the CPQ tools, while smaller businesses were still blissfully unaware of the need for such tools.


Salesforce recently acquired Steelbrick to strengthen the CPQ unit and make quote-to-cash quick and seamless, thus improving order fulfilment. If your organization is already using Salesforce, here are a few reasons why considering Salesforce-Steelbrick CPQ might do you good.


It helps accelerate the whole process of configure, price and quote, as all products & pricing  components are handled through a very intelligent and UX intensive platform. Generally, when you spend a certain time quoting the figures, going back for approvals etc, you are wasting time that could be used  selling.Not anymore! With Steelbrick CPQ in your Salesforce tool, you are equipped with faster processing giving you more time to sell. Accuracy, and productivity is increased while reducing risk of errors.


You can access reports and key performance metrics with this collaboration. You have more visibility in available opportunities and can automate the approvals on your dashboard. The end objective here is to reduce risks posed by error riddled quotes and to reduce sales cycle time.

Good rule of thumb is to customize your offerings using available sales and customer data.With Steelbrick, you can avoid steep discounting, increasing revenue.


Salesforce & Quip


For a while, there was no content management angle to Salesforce, which forced organizations to use Google docs or Word docs to create content, and share it with the team. But, this has changed with the last acquisition spree Salesforce went on. This new acquisition that involves Quip has increased the document creation, collaboration and productivity capabilities of Salesforce. Documents can now be prepared in a collaborative environment which improves working capability of every individual involved in the process.


Along with documents & spreadsheets, Quip offers messaging, comments and emoji features as well, making it a truly co-operative platform. This helps in creating a knowledgebase for the company, wherein all documents and spreadsheets are available in one single place. Content availability, viewing capabilities and the collaboration thereafter is enhanced to a hitherto unprecedented level one seldom observes in the CRM space.


Furthering Collaboration


Salesforce is known for its collaborative environment, and with this acquisition, it is further solidifying this ideology amongst its customers. Not only is  saleforce furthering collaboration in CPQ it is also making waves in the enterprise content management system.. Both the platforms acquired are strong, relatable and more importantly, required. Time will tell how these changes will impact the environment. For now I’m just in awe of the vision; the direction Salesforce is taking.


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