After accelerating quote to cash processes, and ensuring a quicker & smarter customer journey, Salesforce is attempting to redefine marketing. Sometime back the company had launched Einstein, an AI program that could simulate smarter environment, and give companies a greater understanding of the new methods of marketing. It could help companies grow by getting a deeper customer understanding.


In this blog we will take you through Krux, TwinPrime and Heywire, the three major Salesforce acquisitions in 2016, and how they were needed for the industry giant’s illustrious customer first philosophy.


Acquiring Krux Data Management Platform


Data mining is fast becoming the rage in our current data-driven times. Most marketers use data-management platforms as a way to make the customer more relatable, and to get a quick glimpse of the customer’s journey and their behaviour. In fact, it also helps understand their sales data from the past. With such information, a salesperson can tailor personalized pitches, which has a higher higher chance of conversion.


Salesforce marketing cloud platform required a data insight which can help them offer personalized solutions to meet unique user needs. The new data management platform will return smart insights, and also communicate them to the AI Einstein Engine to help improve marketing, and deliver newer and better information to the customers. Smarter technologies by your side can help you improve your marketing capabilities. Segmentation, personalization & targeting is the need of the hour and it looks like salesforce has a plan with Krux.


TwinPrime & Mobile Apps


The question arises, what could have intrigued a giant like Salesforce in buying a startup such as Twinprime. Twinprime works towards boosting capabilities of mobile apps. Twinprime brings together the incredible capabilities of mobile, networking and data science to analyse data in real-time, to identify the performance gaps in mobile apps, and finally optimize the mobile performance.


For a while, mobile apps have been reprimanded for the slowness in content delivery and the cumbersome wait for the content to be delivered to your screens. This will change with Twinprime’s arrival. With the network and connectivity taken care of, it will become easy for companies to optimize their mobile content accordingly, and ensure quicker and faster mobile movement.


This acquisition will help Salesforce grow by leaps and bounds. The idea is to offer seamless experience on a global platform, which will become true with this acquisition, considering Salesforce will make the connectivity and performance uniform.


Business Messenger with Heywire


Salesforce has strengthened its collaborative environment with the acquisition of Heywire. This digital business messenger helps connect brands with customers in real-time, and ensures quicker communication and hassle-free business.

For most brands, understanding the customer, and knowing what they want is a major fix in their jigsaw puzzle. I often see them wondering whether the customer be satisfied with the brand’s offering or, would they want something else. Companies are always confused on what the customer might want, and how they would prefer having it.


This is precisely why they need a business messenger that can put them through to the customer, and help them understand the needs immediately. This is the best way a customer can connect with the brand in an online store scenario. This way Heywire can manage to create an in-store experience in an online store.


Moving Ahead

What we see with these three acquisitions is Salesforce’s attempt at giving us a beautiful customer journey and a seamless experience across the various channels. Would this unique strategy impact Salesforce positively is an answer for which we will need to wait. I for one have my hopes up.

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