When we were at the start of the year, there were some predictions that talked about AI as the new tech trend. A lot of games and apps in the past year included the AI technology and enhanced customer experience. When you have a smart application by your side, which assists you in understanding your needs, it truly is the best experience you can ever have.

In the first four parts of this series, we talked about how Salesforce and its acquisitions will help further the customer experience and omnichannel sales capabilities of the businesses. In this final part of the series, we will discuss how a recent acquisition will enhance automation and make AI integral to Salesforce. This is one of the most sought after technologies, and including it will give businesses a run for their money. Gaining a competitive edge, having a relevant user base and even targeting relevant people is bound to become easy.

Building on Deep Learning

Salesforce is all ready to automate marketing automation, customer support and several other processes that impact the business. To bring to the fore immense capabilities, Salesforce is planning to incorporate deep learning, natural language processing and machine learning. The recent acquisition of Metamind, a deep learning startup, to further its AI capabilities, is a well-strategized move by Salesforce.

As discussed in earlier blogs, it is research and insights that will drive businesses towards automation & growth. Predictive analysis is an important aspect of marketing automation, which can be incorporated into your Salesforce system and the apps you develop through deep learning models. These predictive models will help gauge the customer insights and build apps accordingly.

When you talk about AI, deep learning, machine learning, etc. you know you will falter if you don’t have the right data to analyse and gain insights. It is thus important for any company to be backed by the right data. The buying spree to further AI capabilities also included Implicit Insights, which is a data automation startup. The startup was built on the idea of making businesses capable of faster and easier decisions using the data that is stored in the customer database. They have the capability to identify opportunities and deals that will convert as well as the risks that you will meet in your way.

Going Ahead with Machine Learning

Machine learning is another aspect of artificial intelligence that cannot be pushed aside. To build its base in machine learning as well as improve its Big Data analytics’ capabilities, Salesforce has acquired Prediction IO, which had built an open-source machine learning server to enhance business AI capabilities. This technology and the capabilities therein will be used to build Salesforce’s very own machine learning capabilities, backed by data and analytics. This acquisition is very important for Salesforce, as it will help them dig deeper, and create more intelligent clouds that will help them boost sales and scale businesses towards growth.

Along with machine learning, it is important to further the analytics’ capabilities at an enterprise level to make businesses smarter. Beyond Core helps enterprise analytics with computational and statistical analytics, thus leading to automation and enhancement. This in turn is assumed to affect the various processes of Salesforce, and strengthen customer relations owing to automated marketing, and predictive analytics. The idea is to make decisions easy and fast. Machine learning combined with deep-rooted analytics and deep learning will help businesses understand their customers better, personalise offerings accordingly, and bring the best of their capabilities.

Going Further

We understand Salesforce wants to combine conventional strategies with unconventional technologies, and unique capabilities to enhance business growth. The Salesforce cloud will become smarter and intelligent with time. It is now time to see how Salesforce utilises these acquisitions and builds businesses.

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