Are we living in a customer-centric era?

In this digitally inclined world, it has become only too natural to think of the customer first before devising offering or strategies. Every step that the brand takes is to move one step forward, towards the customer, and understand them better.


One of the hardest things for retail brands has been how to connect with the customers in this omni-channel retail arena. It is not the same anymore; your customer connects over various channels and mediums with you, and you are expected to treat them in the same way. They expect the same customer service that you would offer offline, online and that is certainly difficult. Not only is the customer expectation increasing, but also their needs are growing at a rapid pace.


The need for a tool that can help retail brands understand their customer and following their journey to boost their digital experience has increased.



Demandware- The New Commerce Cloud


When two giants meet, they definitely create something extraordinary, and can enhance the experience of the customer. So is the case of Demandware and Salesforce. Salesforce, though a customer relationship management product, with wide areas of expertise, had a complete understanding of the customer, while Demandware offered cloud-based eCommerce solutions. These two met and redefined the experience in retail industry.


Demandware is the new Salesforce commerce cloud, they say, and it is indeed true. With this new acquisition, the ecommerce and retail capabilities of Salesforce have taken a leap, and customers can gain access to newfound and highly personalized solutions.


Growing e-Commerce Expectations


When brands connect with customers through various platforms such as mobile, web, in-store and even the social media, the idea is to make a smarter connect and enhance the experience of the customer being engaged. The modern retail customer is smart, and essentially knows what they want. Trying to give them exactly what they are looking for can become difficult, and sometimes, you are not even sure if you can cater to those needs.


With Salesforce joining hands with cloud-based e-commerce, the retail customers can enjoy shopping, as it is more fun, personalized, and even hassle-free. Customer concerns with shopping include -


1: Will it be safe and easy?

2: Will it be short and simple?

3: Will I get what I am looking for?

4: Will I get the retail experience I have been yearning for?


When these questions are posed in front of the retailer, they have to strive hard to match the needs of the customer, and offer them solutions that primarily meet their needs, and increase their expectations.





Demandware’s Omni-channel Solutions


Demandware is all set to improve omni-channel retail solutions with capable inputs and brilliant ideas. Incidentally, it is not just the customers who face issues but also the retailers. It is important to ensure your customers are able to shop across the multiple channels, and you as the retailer are able to fulfil the orders through these. The second major area that needed attention for the retailers was inventory management. There was a need to track the inventory in real-time, and ensure the stock is replenished as needed. Demandware’s commerce cloud ensures real-time inventory tracking and offers intelligent fulfilment solutions for easy retail movement.


The virtual point of sale technology inherent in Demandware gives the retail brand a visibility into their stores, and other customer & retail touch points in real-time, thus allowing them to understand just how things work.


In the omni-channel environment, you can easily lower shipping costs and increase the inventory turnaround time. Expanding your commerce store in a global environment is easy with this new commerce cloud, as it makes it easy to include multiple currencies, languages and cultures. Managing multiple brands is made easy with this new platform.

Salesforce is one of the best platforms of the time, and this collaboration with Demandware will improve the retail and customer journey opportunities for any company using this solution. It is indeed time for Salesforce to take charge of the digital future that lies ahead of them.

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