Salesforce has always maintained the top position amongst business solutions, when it comes to CRM products or, cloud-based products. They are uniquely designed, and offer seamless ease-of-use. If you have used Salesforce products, you would know they exceed your expectations by offering products that are aesthetically designed, and neatly developed, and keep up with the needs of the customers, and connect with them through their sales journey.

Salesforce's success lies with identifying trends that will define the future and adopting them. with Demandware they did just that; now commerce cloud is redefining the way we do business.

Things are changing, and rapidly! It is imperative to keep up with the changing environment, which is why it is necessary for companies like Salesforce to collaborate with other companies that are innovating the niche.

Recently, Salesforce acquired Sequence, Coolan and Gravity Tank. we wondered what brought on the acquisition of three totally different companies. While reading up on it, we realized, these three companies work on different customer touch points, and each has derived extensive experience and expertise on these niches, and can help Salesforce evolve and innovate.

Customer experience is a combination of excellent design, research and strategy. For years organizations have built insights to understand the customer, and offer them solutions that meet their unique needs. The uniqueness of customer experience lies in the way you channelize their needs and the insights devised to help achieve their goals, and stay with them through their buying and usage journey

The three companies, Coolan, Sequence and Gravity are known to offer incredible definition to customer experience. Together, they can help drive Salesforce products towards distinctive and even more satisfactory experiences.

Let’s have a look at the individual companies and how they are tasked to improve the customer experience through their design methodologies and core competencies.

Sequence is a user experience design agency, which offers well-defined usability and architecture for the product, which in turn enhances the customer experience. From data to user experience and then to the customer behaviour; customer experience encompasses them all. As a product or service based company it is important to take all the aspects into account. Sequence’s work focuses on building interactive experiences across both digital and physical environments, rethinking mobility to facilitate on field engagement.

Coolan, is a company that offers data analytics services on data centers; the nitty-gritty of running massive pools of hardware efficiently by analyzing tons of performance data. Coolan is going to make Salesforce robust and nimble as is expected of a business cloud solution.

Gravity Tank builds unique solutions based on the insights acquired using a well-defined strategy and unique roadmap. Salesforce intends to use their expertise in design, research and strategy to help Salesforce’s customers shape their customer company vision and connect with their customers, employees and partners in new ways.

Customers are truly in for an unparalleled journey going forward. More importantly we realise that Salesforce has a clear understanding of our needs, and will define their path accordingly. This is a particularly endearing thought, and is perhaps why Salesforce is a hot favourite among businesses.

User experience fulfilment will be an achievement for Salesforce, and this will truly impact creation of newer products and redefine customer touch points in an hitherto unseen way. Salesforce’s acquisition of companies show how neatly they have strategized the acquisition and branding of their company.

One thing is for sure, over the next few months we’ll see Salesforce evolve in user experience, mobility, nimbleness and understanding of their customers. I cannot wait to see where they’ll go from here.

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