Retail Management includes all the processes that take place to ensure that the desired products are made available to the customers at the retail stores. Retail Management helps in making shopping a pleasant experience for the customers, and to make them regular customers.

All retailers need high-end solutions to keep an eye on the daily operations to maintain a centralized control and fosters faster decision making. Cloud-based Retail Management helps to manage the whole retail business across every touch-point and all channels. Cloud-based Retail Management provides all the following IT services under one roof:

  • Store management
  • Point of sale
  • Business Intelligence
  • Inventory Management
  • Promotions
  • Loyalty Management


Loyalty Management for Retail Chains: The cloud solutions for Retail chains also help in increasing customer loyalty for higher returns and repeated footfall. If a retail chain has loyal customers, it makes their survival easy. Hence, Loyalty Management is an essential function of Retail Management. This customer loyalty is built through integrated reward programs, loyalty cards, and more. This integrated system for Loyalty Management adds exceptionable value to all retail chains. To maximize the parent brand and to entice the customers, these Loyalty management systems allow regular tracking, managing, and configuring of these programs for a retail chain.

Our cloud-based Loyalty Management programs are extraordinary, easy to configure, sophisticated, and simplified to help the retail chains to procure regular customers and build brand loyalty. Other ways Loyalty Management helps the retail chains:

  • Connect the store and digital experiences of customers through consumer forums, and thus, creating new business opportunities and encourages better engagement.
  • Enhancing the experience of shopping on the whole for the customers by social media and mobile technology by connecting retailers and reps around the world to stay connected and better coordinated.
  • Enhancing customer satisfaction by meeting their ever evolving demands, and providing a more personalized service by offering instant access to information.

Sales Automation

Sales Automation for Retail: Sales automation is the need for local reps. This is because local reps need fast, easy to use sales tools to communicate better with customers and close deals. They provide account intelligence, lead management, and force automation at affordable prices.

Service Automation

Service Automation for Retail: You can’t run a retail business in modern times with outdated systems. There is a need for service automation for retail chains. These help in providing easy customer service, self-service for sorting issues, and omnichannel support.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation for Retail: Cloud-based Retail Management solutions are the most powerful marketing platforms digitally. The Marketing Automation for retail listens to the customer’s voice and interact with them through various channels such as mobile, web, social, and emails. These are used to manage and automate marketing campaigns, make content available to the customers, study the research results, and optimize the target market on the go.

Mobile Applications For Field Reps

Mobile Applications for field reps: The mobile applications for field reps help the retailers and retail reps to engage with the reps around the world. They also provide a 360-degree view of the information related to customers on their Android devices. They help get real-time power, custom actions, and improved reporting.