Contract Management

Contract Management

TILE BEFORE POP-UP: (Around 20 words) Automate your contract lifecycle management using cloud based solutions to drive revenues and increase productivity.

What is meant by Contract Management?

It refers to the process of handling the contracts for employees, customers, partners, and vendors. It helps in providing assistance to the whole lifecycle of a customer which covers all the processes that utilizes, creates, and contributes to the contract data.

With the change in the business world, it has become imperative to engage in contract management because of the introduction of new ways for revenue earning. Thus, the ways to manage the lifecycle of customers is being reimagined.

Contract Management and Cloud-based CRM solutions?

Unlike the traditional ways of contract management that include stuffing of numerous contracts into the cabinet and never being referenced again, Cloud-based CRM solutions make use of electronic signatures, legal templates, self-service portals and legal playbooks for the purpose of contract management. This way, it brings into notice the non-standard and critical contracts that can pose a potential risk to the organization in future.

How Contract Management simplifies Sales cycle?

Cloud-based Contract Management includes anything and everything that even slightly touches the contracts field. A business cycle comprising of quoting-contracting-revenue is being streamlined for the parties to get the most relevant and up to date information. This helps develop and identify the best practices for businesses, and also enhances customer relationship.

    • Contract Management is weaving into sales process: In sales, Contract Management is used to enable and automate faster, more production and also delivery of legal contracts to the company’s customers or prospects. Hence, Sales teams can concentrate on revenue production, communications, and customer relationship management.

    • Sales teams that use Contract Management outperform the non-users: As per research, contract management helps the sales team to attain more sales quota per team, successful achievement of sales quota, decrease in sales cycles, higher lead conversion, and more proposal volume.

  • Growing acceptance of Cloud based sales: Cloud based CRM solutions provide the companies with a provision of easy access and management of contracts with the help of Contract Management. Thus, assisting the companies in risk management as well as compliance with risk.

How Our CRM Solutions for Contract Management Work For You?

Contracts include a lot more than the basic terms and conditions of the partnership. They instil a sense of confidence on the part of both the parties. They clearly put forward the W-questions such as, “what is expected through the association? What are the Deliverables? And what were the negotiations included?“

Our cloud based solutions for Contract Management makes the whole process simple, built-in, automated, seamless, and paperless across different departments. Through these you can keep the alerts and guardrails on track while being free to concentrate on the core business and the bottom line value. It also helps maximize the capability and familiarity of MS Word with the controls, usability, and collaboration with SalesForce. We help you make contracts that will essentially keep your business in motion all through the way.

We help you make contracts that will essentially keep your business in motion all through the way.