CPQ Management

CPQ Management

Drive your client acquisition using relevant and data driven Price Quoting Techniques.

What is CPQ Management?

CPQ Management or Configure Price Quote Management refers to the use of cloud based CRM solutions for management of price quotes. To be precise, the software for CPQ helps in the defining of price of goods accurately across constantly changing and huge spectrum of variables. Thus, this helps the company to quote the best possible price to a customer according to the economic factors, competition,, and real costs of products by properly aggregating the variables in question. In addition to this, it also helps the sales reps keep track of the multiple quotes provided by them.

Benefits of using cloud based CPQ software:

    • Sales Alignment- CPQ helps to align the sales department around the same pricing and configuration rules. This makes the quotes accurate and consistent and the revenue can be accurately predicted.

  • Productivity and knowledge retention- CPQ benefits in training and on-boarding by institutionalizing sales knowledge, especially in those cases where configurations and pricings are complex.
  • Better customer experience- CPQ helps ascertain the availability and pricing information based on the specific circumstances of customers. Also, all the sales team is on the same page.

  • Efficient sales cycle- All the sales quotes are produced quickly as the rules for pricing is semi-automated.

How our CRM solutions can help you in CPQ Management?

dQuotient is on a mission to bring about a transformation in the front office by providing customers with Configure-Price-Quote services built on the platform of SalesForce, and removing all the limitations of the traditional systems propagated by legacy.

The companies that are rapidly growing, and those that are already well established, require cloud based solutions for CPQ Management. This helps elevate the pressure off the team of IT Department and eliminates the need for time consuming upgrades and installations. With the use of cloud based solutions built on award winning SalesForce platforms, your team can work at any time, on any device, from anywhere. These solutions integrate customers to boost revenues, bring customer responsiveness, and reduce risks & operational costs.