EHS Analytics

EHS Analytics

EHS Analytics helps get the unexpected insight and continuous learning about the environmental, health, and safety conditions of a business organisation by use of various cloud platforms.

EHS stands for Environmental, Health, and Safety. Hence EHS analytics are the analytics regarding these three factors i.e. Environment, Health, and Safety. It is a data tool to aggregate EHS data from different sources through platforms like SalesForce,, and Tableau. Once the whole of your data is uploaded on EHS Analytics, the data is viewed in the dashboard customized for the same purpose which helps you in sharing your compiled EHS data with other organizations. These assist in the building of the business analytics and reports. EHS analytics helps the organizations to complement the already existing ways of collecting EHS data. Then the EHS Analytics compiles data and derives insight, meaning, predictions, and trends of your existing safety and health program.

Features of EHS Analytics built on platforms such as SalesForce,, and Tableau are:

  • Less hardware: As it is completely based on cloud-based systems, there is no need for IT departments to procure hardware.
  • Charts and Graphs: Through EHS Analytics, each user can customize their dashboard.
  • Compatibility: These analytics work on all laptops, tablets, and smart phones.
  • Consolidated data: EHS Analytics combine the data from different applications and spread sheets in one system.
  • Comparisons: These Analytics help in comparing your data with the data of other organizations in the same geographical region and industry.
  • Easy collaboration with Excel: You can track all your data such as inspections, meetings, training, hazards, corrective actions, observations, and incidents in the excel spread sheets and these can be easily uploaded to EHS Analytics to derive consolidated meaning.
  • Transparency: EHS Analytics also fosters transparency among different organisations.

A well-executed and well-planned EHS (Environmental-Health-Safety) analytics program help the organisations to improve processes of operation, identify the business risk areas, drive cost savings, and reduce incidents in the organisational atmosphere. With more and more substantial advancements in technology and software, the companies have been able to analyse the collected EHS data through Analytics platforms such as SalesForce,, and Tableau, which has been impossible to do with the traditional methods of excel spread sheets. This fosters the companies to have increased access to EHS data. They help in the alignment of the organization, and helps the business focus on necessary sectors with significant returns.

dQuotient is committed to providing the organisations with high-class cloud-based programs for managing the potential risks revolving around Environment, Health, and Safety. Our team makes sufficient provisions to regularly review the safety and environmental performance of a particular business.