Employee management

Employee management

Cloud based Employee Management helps to manage the employees in an organisation more efficiently by improving employee satisfaction and productivity.

Employee Management refers to the process of creating tactical and strategic solutions for the management of employees in an organization. The process includes setting goals for employees, performance appraisal, retaining top employees, proving feedback to the employees, outsourcing, delegating, and more.

Businesses include a plethora of sectors that need continuous supervision. Some areas need a constant look out to bring the core vision behind the business to life. Hence, there is a need to focus all energy on the growth of business, rather than taking care of administrative burdens. Employee Management system is one such system that helps you in this process. Employee Management system minimizes and eliminates the employment risks associated with your business. They help in:

  • Guiding and handling daily business operations and employees
  • Providing employees with a safe place to work, equipment, and tools
  • Supporting and aligning the employer and employee relationship
  • Tax processing and full-service payroll
  • Endorsing and approving company procedures and policies
  • Approving employee benefit programs

There are a lot of employee functions in a business that is needed to be taken care of such as management of employee data, performance management, on-boarding and recruitment of new employees. Managing of employee data on internal platforms, or offline is cumbersome as compared to cloud-based solutions for Employee Management.

With the advent of cloud-based solutions, handling of critical employee functions, implementing of HR processes, and a patchwork of applications has become easier. Traditional IT systems made it difficult to deal with data management and providing process efficiencies. Also, the cost of maintaining and developing such systems was high and needed a considerable amount of staff for the same. Cloud-based systems brought a revolution in the field of CRM and ERP with reduced need for IT staff and lower cost of maintenance.

Cloud-based Employee Management systems make use of a variety of services for better management. These include Employee databases, Employee self-service, Employee Reporting, Time and Attendance, Recruitment Software, Performance Management, Document Management, Monetary and non-monetary rewards, Employee feedback, Expense Management, Asset Management, and Employee Engagement.

These employee management systems help in improving the recruitment function, improving employee satisfaction, leveraging business efficiency, strengthening the business reputation, strengthening employee brand, on the whole, easy compliance management, and most importantly they help in data security through cloud solutions.

‘dQuotient’ provides the businesses with a complete cloud-based solution to manage your day-to-day business needs related to employees, the most important resource of business. These systems are simplified as they are easy to set up, use, and administer. These systems are completely compatible even when the business grows continuously, as they are scalable.