Healthcare Automation

Healthcare Automation

Healthcare automation makes use of  cloud based platforms  to put patients at the center of care, thus, improving health management

It is a cloud-based CRM system that integrates patient-doctor relationship and health management services. It supports patient-doctor relationship management by making use of a profile that integrates all the information about the patient from multiple sources such as wearables, medical devices, and EMRS- Electronic Medical Records.

The private patient communities ensure safe collaboration among the caregiver network members. Through these communities, patients can fill medical appointment forms in advance, find answers to FAQs, connect with the health officials, and view medical care plans.

Healthcare platforms are fast becoming one of the most popular platforms that support a more engaged patient base. More and more patients are looking for mobile apps provided by doctors that actively engage in Health Management, and a lot of patients want to be able to transfer data to their doctors from their wearable devices.

This groundbreaking CRM solution has completely transformed the patient-doctor relation.

There has been a considerable shift in healthcare with the relationships becoming more patient-centric. The three key advantages of our healthcare solution are:

  • Provision of complete data of patients, so that right health information is easily accessed.
  • Management functionality is becoming smart by segmenting patient lists and prioritizing risks.
  • Real-time messaging facilities for care teams, family members, patients, and healthcare providers.

Healthcare Automation helps the patients in multiple ways such as:

  • Entire treatment with a single view:Healthcare automation use Health Timeline, care network, extended care team, and EHRS to examine patient progression.
  • Active voice to patients: Healthcare automation encourages patients to collaborate and connect with a network of caregivers to sort their inquiries.
  • Patient Satisfaction: Healthcare Automation helps set up reminders for appointment check-ups and segregate the patients based on health conditions.
  • Complete view of patients and members: Each patient’s profile has certain demographics, clinical data, communications, and all information from EHRs, wearables, and medical devices.
  • Personally, connect with patients: Healthcare automation empowers the patients to track their progress towards their care plans and health goals. Also, all the questions of the patients are quickly addressed in the real time.
  • Enhances EHR system: Healthcare automation helps the doctors to earn the credibility of their patients by providing them the required information at the right time. Healthcare Automation transforms your record system into a system of engagement by incorporating EHR system with the Healthcare Automation.