Supply Chain Management


To achieve a more upside potential in Supply Chain Management, there is a need for efficient means of communication, shared risk, and collaboration, which is possible entirely through Cloud-based solutions.

Supply Chain Management is the supervision of finances, information, and materials during the process of them moving in a supplier-manufacturer-wholesale-retailer-customer cycle. The core purpose of the SCM system is to reduce inventory and achieve competitive advantage, by concentrating on customer value.

Most of the organisations today are making use of sophisticated software and web-based application providers for the purpose of a more efficient supply chain management. Among these solutions, the most sought after solution is cloud-based CRM solutions. ‘D-quotient’ deals in the same cloud-based CRM solutions usually built on SalesForce,, and Tableau, which simplify the whole process of Supply Chain Management.

It has been proved time and again that cloud-based CRM solutions make a lot of sense for the managers of supply chain management. Through a use of these solutions, it becomes relatively easy to track a product through all the phases of manufacturing and selling. There are also lesser chances of a product being lost, because, through these cloud-based solutions, the product can easily be located during any stage of shipment. Cloud-based CRM solutions have an added advantage of providing real-time accuracy, unlike the traditional systems for Supply Chain Management.

Cloud-based CRM solutions, allow the 360-degree management of the supply chain. Some of the major benefits are listed below:

  1. Scalability- Businesses grow with each passing day, and thus, the IT systems need to evolve simultaneously. Cloud-based solutions help the business in scaling the processes and systems without having to make any significant change.
  2. Immediacy- When you are confined to IT systems, it takes a lot of time to implement a new service, but in cloud-based solutions, you can ask one of our providers, and the new service will be implemented shortly without any hassle.
  3. Cost containment- For cloud-based services, the cost associated with scalability is downright low because the resources in these systems are usually called on demand, and are immediate.
  4. Efficiency- Cloud-based services allow you to allocate your extra personnel in other sectors such as research and development, because of the lesser requirement of staff in IT. This allows more improvements and innovations to take place.
  5. Flexibility- this cloud based CRM solutions help in connecting all the people involved in the supply chains. This is a strategic way to monitor networks of delivery and prioritization of shipments with a snail’s pace. Moves can be combined, and tasks can be automated very easily.

The future of Cloud-based CRM solutions in Supply Chain Management: Supply chains can be easily managed with the development of cloud-based solutions. Everyone in the organisation has an efficient, as well as, quicker data access. Therefore, the revolution of Cloud-based CRM solutions is bound to help the companies reap maximum profit, and also offer the permanent peace of mind by eliminating all the tedious tasks.